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'Open the door to permaculture' workshop

Learn more about permaculture: it's ethics, principles, vision and how it can be applied to many areas of life, from economics to education or community governance...and of course agriculture.

In this 3 hour workshop, I hope to share with you my passion for permaculture and how we can use it as a frame to create regenerative societies.

Available in French or English, for individual or groups, online or in-person.
We'll have open group sessions throughout the year around the island, including a few on Enn Ti Bwa - our family permaculture project. Keep an eye on the calendar for these ...or book your own session by sending us a message.

Group session [in-person]; at our public events or booked for your group:
Rs 1100/ person

Group session [in-person] + Visit & History of Enn Ti Bwa family permaculture project [full-day workshop]; at our public events or booked for your group:

Rs 1500/ person [Bring Your Own Food]
Rs 1700/person [Veg food included]

Individual session - online:
Rs 1500/ person
Group session - online:
Rs 800/person
For the online sessions, you can book them through website, here & here.

 'Conversations by GWAWR services'

GWAWR services is holding 'Conversations' on environmental topics around the island !

After many talks on environmental matters, I started to brainstorm on how to create a more dynamic format; one where everyone would feel part of the workshop. What I called ‘Conversations by GWAWR services’ is what emerged.
This format enables team-building & community-building, a real connection with and ownership of the subject at hand, while still distilling information on the topic at-hand as needed. My wish for this format is for everyone involved to truly feel that they can be part of the solution.

These can be booked for a community event or for corporates.
2 themes are available. Pricing depends on event specification. Send us a message to know more.


the hive.jpg

+ ''Nature, the environmental crisis, and I'' :

A conversation that will make the case that humans are interdependent with Nature:  that we depend on a healthy environment and thriving biodiversity for our human life. We'll explore the current environmental state of the world and how it relates to our life, as individuals but also as a company or community. Participants will have time to talk, question and share about these themes to enable them to truly connect to it, while we'll also explore solutions to become agents of environmental regeneration in our daily life, including in the office or community.

+ '' Waste & I'' // 'Workplace, Waste & We?'':

Between misconception and plain disdain, waste management is quite misunderstood and put aside, while waste has a potent impact on our life.
Throughout it's life cycle an object has an impact on our world - and it does not stop when we throw it in a bin ! ...but what exactly is this impact?  What happens with our waste? Are all materials equal when it's time for them to be disposed of? Is recycling the solution?

 Participants will have a better understanding of the waste problematic, the waste hierarchy and of objects life-cycles. Recycling, 'zero waste' and circular economy concepts will also be explored.

Participants will be better equipped with knowledge, awareness and understanding as well as practical steps and tips to create less waste in their life and workplace.

Windowsill plants

Kids workshop - From the Kitchen to the Garden.

A workshop for the smaller ones [from 5 to 10], moulded during my work on a few educational projects.
This workshop will allow the little ones to learn more about the life cycle of plants, composting, the preservation of seeds and the reuse of materials - by replanting "kitchen waste" in repurposed containers. Each child will leave with his seedlings.


This workshop wants to create this connection between the plate and the vegetable garden for the little ones.

We'll be hosting this workshop around the island during 2021  - check out the calendar - but you can also book it for your group by sending a message.