• VictoriaFauve

#Projectsupport - Borderline.mu local fashion brand

#ProjectSupport - Part of GWAWR services vision is to support others in implementing projects with shared values and visions.

Borderline.mu is such a project: it's a Mauritian brand that creates ‘ethical and eco-friendly goods for the surfer soul’. It emerged of the wish to offer a local sustainable alternative to fast fashion, while conveying 'an aesthetic that reminds of the island way of living'. The focus on ethical and sustainable items was of utmost importance and it was a great project to work on alongside my sister, the creative mind behind it all. From materials sourcing to decisions on how the business will operate in order to create less waste, GWAWR services was happy to be part of these months of brainstorming and implementation alongside Borderline.mu.

Borderline.mu items: > …are designed and manufactured in Mauritius. > ….are printed in Mauritius with water-based inks. > … are made of organic cotton [certified GOTS] or of leftover fabrics that would otherwise have gone to waste. > … are delivered on pre-order, if not made from leftover fabrics, to avoid the usage of resources that could end-up as waste [in stocks that would not sell for example - here, only what is already demanded is created]. >…gives back a percentage of their revenues to local NGOs. This ensures that borderline.mu items create as little waste as possible, use sustainable materials and reuse waste items. This also ensures that borderline.mu items encourage local employment and give back to the community, while also ensuring the ethical treatment of all those who work on these products [as all production units were visited beforehand]. You can learn more on borderline.mu on: https://www.facebook.com/Borderline.mu or on their website: https://borderlinemu.wixsite.com/borderline If you too have a project that share GWAWR services values, feel free to reach out to us.