• VictoriaFauve

#PayItForward- Zero Waste Conversation Afternoons + 'Train the trainer'; 2019/2020

Updated: Jan 24

Zero Waste Mauritius is a citizen initiative that wants to promote a zero waste lifestyle and circular economy in Mauritius. It is 100% powered by citizens giving of their time and knowledge. As Victoria stepped into one of the coordinator role for the initiative in end of 2018, she wished to donate a few sessions of GWAWR services 'Conversation' workshops to revitalize the group.

In 2019 & 2020, GWAWR services hence donated it's time to Zero Waste Mauritius through the facilitation of 5 workshops around the island and the creation of a 'train the trainer' program for the group in collaboration with Institute Bon Pasteur. This undertaking crystallized GWAWR services wish to #PayItForward by donating of its time and knowledge every year to a citizen initiative/NGO project that aligns with its values. We can't wait to see what form this will take in the future !

Created in 2016, Zero Waste Mauritius wants to promote a circular economy and zero waste lifestyle in Mauritius. It does so by maintaining an online platform that enables citizens to share and learn about these subjects, through awareness work in schools and youth groups and by encouraging advocacy.

In 2019/2020, 5 'Conversations'-style workshops facilitated by GWAWR services -named 'Zero Waste Conversation Afternoons' - were hosted around the island for Zero Waste Mauritius. > North - April 2019; Hosted at Imiloa creative hub. This event included the presence of a zero waste market with local zero waste creators in the mornin. > Center - May 2019 - Hosted at Atelier Art Pour Tous. > West - September 2019 - Hosted at Ecole Paul et Virginie > East - October 2019 - Hosted at Accacia Community Center. > South - February 2020 - Hosted at Groupement Social De Flacq. The ‘Zero Waste Conversation Afternoons’ aimed to provide an overview of the situation in each regions, create a sense of community -that we often wish for when we change our lifestyle - and enable exchanges of ideas and brainstorming between those present. Just as our other Conversations workshops, it was not a workshop where 'experts' come to share about a topic, but real conversations between all present.

Each of the sessions brought many different conversations and perspectives ! It has been amazing to be able to hear what Zero Waste meant to so many people, to hear the problems we all faced and the solutions we found. It was beautiful to witness everyone exchange ideas, solutions and thoughts around this topic; to encourage each other and brainstorm how to go forward. We thank each and every person present, and hope these conversation spaces we created rippled out and brought many more conversations !

True to our commitment to 'walk the talk', beverages for each Conversations were zero-waste -style: from homemade iced teas and filtered water to up-cycled glasses and bottles. In 2019, GWAWR services also collaborated with Institute Bon Pasteur to formalize the presentation that would be used by Zero Waste Mauritius volunteers for the awareness sessions in schools and youth groups, as well as 'the train the trainer' outline used for the half-day workshop each Zero Waste Mauritius volunteers participate in before going in schools and youth groups to facilitate these awareness sessions.

Institute Bon Pasteur is a center for research and development on all matters of wellbeing that focuses on action research, community development and knowledge management. You can read more about their work on: https://institutebonpasteur.com/ In both 2019 and 2020, 15 to 20 people took part in the 'train the trainer' sessions. In 2020, the training session had to be held online due to the global sanitary crisis and lockdown that followed. You can connect to Zero Waste Mauritius on https://www.facebook.com/groups/zerowastemauritius/