• VictoriaFauve

‘Nature, the environment and I’ Monthly Conversation Circles [2019 -2020]

Updated: Jan 25

Everything always flows – nothing is ever fixed ! GWAWR services vision has always been to ‘create spaces that facilitate re-connection to Nature’ and this includes creating space where people can talk and share about environmental topics. I realize that we’re often bombarded by news of environmental degradation but lack spaces and times dedicated to coming together with others to talk about these subjects, be it to brainstorm actions or just to voice out our concerns or ideas. From this observation, were born the ‘Nature, the environment and I’ conversation circles: a space to come together with others to discuss these topics. It was a discussion between all present and it was always understood that the facilitator role was only to facilitate the flow of the conversation and provide context-based information when needed. For these ‘Conversation Circles’, during 2 hours, people -that were strangers beforehand- would come together to share and discuss environmental topics. From learning more about these topics, to ‘feeling less alone’ or being able to support each others in their projects – it was amazing to see how these space could be positive for the community.

A first version of this workshop – then called ‘Let’s talk about it: I act for the environment’ - was held in September 2019 at Dock 13 space in Port-Louis. A similar event was then held monthly in Ebene at Red Dot’s office as from January 2020 under the name of ‘Nature, the environment and I’. During the lockdown of 2020, the sessions were moved online but still enabled the community to come together to discuss these topics.

I am so grateful for each of you who participated to a session or another, I learned so much from each of you ! After 6 of these sessions, I now feel that the need for this space is evolving and these sessions won’t be happening monthly anymore. From time to time, one of these might still be hosted by GWAWR Services for the community but I’ll mostly be focusing on hosting these spaces for other projects as I feel that these circles will be ever more effective within a wider context as opposed to a stand-alone project as it was. We’ll see how this will evolve! To keep updated about the ‘one-off’ version of these circles, stay tuned to GWAWR services facebook page. GWAWR Services is still available to host and facilitate such conversations and discussions on environmental themes for your project – feel free to reach out about this !