• VictoriaFauve

GWAWR services - 2020 - workshops, workshops, workshops ?

I think we can all agree, 2020 was an unexpected year! Surprisingly enough, added to the 'Nature, Environment and I' monthly conversation circles and the #ProjectImplementation & #ProjectSupport that have their own posts, quite a few workshops were born throughout these months.

At the beginning of 2020, was put together a 3 hours workshop called ‘Opening the door to permaculture’ to share more about the ethics and principles of permaculture, and how these can be used to build regenerative societies. After holding it in-person for a small group, it was transitioned online during the lockdown for individuals or groups to learn more about these topics. In this workshop, the global understanding was then be grounded in the example of the home garden –as that’s where many of us start to apply these principles and ethics.

It was awesome to see how interactive these workshops were, even if held online! This workshop will also be available in an updated format in 2021.

In 2020, I was also happy to start a collaboration with The Hive, a local co-working space, to see how permaculture principles could be applied to their spaces and how they could become even more sustainable. This collaboration also included a few sessions with their members: these sessions served as 'community brainstorming' to understand what eco-changes the members wanted to see implemented, as well as informative sessions about permaculture principles

I was also happy to, in 2020 as well, support #PranKont initiative on one of their clean-ups to share about the importance of waste reduction.

During the national lockdown, GWAWR services used social media to spread the word on how we could all #StayHomeAndPlant. From teaming up with others to create videos and short newspaper articles on the subject to social media posts encouraging people to share on social media how they stayed home and planted with what they had... this was to encourage and start a conversation about food resilience. You can actually read more about this, here.

In June, Institute Bon Pasteur and I teamed up with Lakaz d'Art to host an online workshop called 'Auto-resilience & Creativity through the permaculture keyhole' as part of their Online Creative Journey. This workshop stood alongside other workshops, like the 'Hack the creative mind' one, in order to explore how Creativity can be used in our everyday life. the 'Auto-resilience & Creativity through the permaculture keyhole' workshop focused on permaculture as a creative design system, and how creavity can be used to go toward an regenerative world. This workshop took place as weekly online live sessions during 5 weeks.

Finally, in November, I was happy to team up with Elena of Healthy Is Happy and Jonathan Naigon for 'Le Brunch Conscient' at Beau Plan, a morning centered around a plant-based brunch with a panel discussion about the health, environmental, and ethical impacts of our food choices.

I was happy to join this great team to share about the environmental impacts of what we eat.

Add to this the few other projects implementation and support, as well as the weekly work on a school garden, and 2020 went by quite quickly! 2020 was all about new challenges and learning experiences. 2020, in many ways, confirmed the importance community had for me and encouraged me to continue to find ways to engage with community building in my work. It also reminded me of the urgency of building resilient regenerative communities... and how this could be seen as an opportunity to write an interesting future.

Let's see what 2021 will bring!