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GWAWR services - 2019

Updated: Jan 24

- Trying to condense a year in a few words -

While GWAWR services was created in November 2018, we can say that it's truly in beginning of 2019 that it started to go forward with projects. I am humbled and grateful to see how this vision of 'creating spaces to enable connection to Nature' was able to unfold in the last few months thanks to the local community and all those who believed in this vision. Many more projects are slowly being worked on in the background - and I can't wait to tell you all about these -, but meanwhile let's see what happened in this first year of existence ! In 2019, GWAWR services:

> >> Facilitated 8+ interactive workshops [‘Conversations’] on Waste and Environmental subjects; *4 'Zero Waste Conversation Afternoon' around the island for Zero Waste Mauritius citizen group*** to create spaces where citizens could come together to brainstorm and share about local zero waste living. * 1 'Waste & I' conversation at IBL Zero Waste Week to explore our relationship to waste, understand better this topic and see how we can take actions. * 1 'Let's talk about it: I act for the environment' conversation at Dock 13, to create a space where citizens could come together to explore their relationship to the environment, share their feelings about the current environmental crisis and brainstorm actions. This conversation shall become a recurrent one in 2020 with monthly conversations in Ebene. * 2 workshops in collaboration with Johanna Barthe at the 1st edition of the local P.O.M festival, that invited festival goers to explore their relationship to the environment and current environmental crisis and then decide on actions they'll ground in reality as a group during the next year. *With slighty different formats, GWAWR services was also present at the Forum Eco-Bio 1st edition to share about how we can all be agents of environmental regeneration, and at the Play Cafe [ a cafe welcoming kids and parents with many workshops for families] first pop-up to hold conversations about how we can reduce waste in our life, especially as families.

>>> Worked on a school and a study group focusing on 'alternative' methods of education; to create a permaculture garden for the students and/or share environmental education.

>>> Designed and/or started implementing a few permaculture gardens for individuals – alone or with colleagues.

>>> Teamed up with others to launch the Don’t Despair, Repair initiative that wishes to encourage the local repair culture >>> Collaborated with Tapaz Ads team on their PranKont environmental awareness initiative for Bluelife & Azuri to make sure the events would be as low-waste as possible, ensure the right sorting and recycling of materials that were recovered from the clean-ups and share information on the need to reduce our trash.

>>> Teamed up with Institute Bon Pasteur to, through volunteer work, formalize a 1 hour awareness session on waste reduction for young people for the Zero Waste Mauritius citizen group***.

This, and more. It's hard to put in a few sentences or numbers what a year brought. It's humbling to see how a vision can evolve with other's; so a big ' thank you !' to everyone who supported GWAWR services in this 1st year of existence where it was slowly taking roots.

Here's to 2020 !

*** [please note that all work for Zero Waste Mauritius was a donation from GWAWR services to avoid conflicts of interest as Victoria Desvaux is also a coordinator of the citizen group]