Services offered

Just like permaculture adapts to each situation, I believe in adapting my offerings to each situation – but share this page as guidelines to what GWAWR services does. If you share GWAWR services vision and wish for us to work together, but do not see what  you'd need in this list, feel free to reach out, and let's talk about it.


Project implementation & support

I love supporting eco-ideas to come true: be it by helping you implement a new project or supporting you in making your current project greener. This can also be about transforming a specific place through permaculture or reducing waste on a specific location or project.

Recycled Paper

1-to-1 eco-support

Sometimes you just need someone to walk with you through transitions.
These online 1-to-1 sessions are designed to support you while you implement eco-changes in your life.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Workshop & events

Workshops and events catering to individuals, kids or corporates; all with the aim to create little pocket of time in our life to connect more to Nature.