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Just like permaculture adapts to each situation, I believe in adapting my offerings to each situation – but share this page as guidelines to what GWAWR services does. If you share GWAWR services vision and wish for us to work together, but do not see what  you'd need in this list, feel free to reach out, and let's talk about it.


Spaces in time - Events & Workshops


> A - 'Conversations by GWAWR services'

' Conversations by GWAWR Services' - For Communities

GWAWR services is holding 'Conversations' around the island on topics related to the environment for communities too !

After having had the opportunity to do many talks and interventions on different subjects linked to the environment and waste as part of my work and on citizen-led initiatives during the last few years, I started to brainstorm on how to create a more dynamic format where everyone could feel part of the workshop and not feel like a passive audience. What I called ‘Conversations by GWAWR services’ is what emerged of this brainstorming. This format enables team-building & community-building, a real connection with and ownership of the subject at hand, while still distilling information on the topic at-hand as needed. My wish for this format is for everyone involved to truly feel that they can be part of the solution.

In beginning of 2020, one of these Conversations were held in Ebene on each first Tuesday of the month called 'Nature, the environmental crisis and I' . These are not available monthly anymore but we're definitely looking forward to facilitate such workshops for other projects. You can read more about it all here.
You can stay connected to our facebook page to be kept updated when such workshops will be held, or feel free to reach out if you'd like one of these hosted for your community.

> 2. ' Conversations by GWAWR services' - For
the corporate world

GWAWR services is happy to also bring forth these Conversations in the corporate world through  two exciting workshops on workplace waste management and becoming agents of environmental regeneration.

' Conversation by GWAWR services' - Corporate workshops details:

>‘''We're here to work, why bother with the environment?''

A conversation that will make the case that humans are interdependent with Nature:  that we depend on a healthy environment and thriving biodiversity for our human life. We'll explore the current environmental state of the world and how it relates to our life, as individuals but also as a company. Participants will have time to talk, question and share about these themes to enable them to truly connect to it, while we'll also explore solutions to become agent of environmental regeneration in our daily life, including in the office.

Outcomes: Participants will have a better understanding of how environmental-protection is directly linked to their life and well-being, as well as a better understanding of the current environmental issues we're facing.

Participants will be equipped with knowledge - and hopefully motivation- enabling them to take immediate actions in regard to environmental issues, understanding that we can all be part of the solution.

This workshop is an interactive conversation with all present, enabling a better ownership of and connection to the subject at hand. As everyone is welcomed to explore the subject together, it can also create more community ties and team cohesion.

> ''Workplace, Waste & We?''

Between misconception and plain disdain, waste management is quite misunderstood and put aside, while waste has a potent impact on our life.
Throughout it's life cycle an object has an impact on our world - and it does not stop when we throw it in a bin ! ...but what exactly is this impact?  What happen with our waste? Are all materials equals when it's time for them to be disposed of? Is recycling the solution?

We'll explore the misunderstood world of waste management and learn of how we can all make positive contribution in regard to this issue through simple new habits.

Participants will have time to talk, question and share about these themes to enable a real connection to the subject, while we'll also explore how to create less waste in our daily life, and workplace.

Outcomes: Participants will have a better understanding of the waste problematic, the waste hierarchy and of objects life-cycles. Recycling, 'zero waste' and circular economy concepts will also be explored.

Participants will be better equipped with knowledge, awareness and understanding as well as practical steps and tips to create less waste in their life and workplace.

This workshop is an interactive conversation with all present, enabling a better ownership of and connection to the subject at hand. As everyone is welcomed to explore the subject together, it can also create more community ties and team cohesion.

>.B - 'Opening the door to Permaculture' - a 3hours workshop

Learn more about what permaculture is: it's ethics, principles, vision and how it can be applied to many areas of life, from economics to education or community governance...and of course agriculture.
Get started on your path by learning to 'bring it home' by learning how these ethics and principles can be applied to your own garden. Available in french or English, for individual or groups, online or in-person.

Learn more about this here: French. English.


> A.  Events by Gwawr services

Next to the workshops listed above, GWAWR services curates other events from time to time, with the intention of building community resilience and re-connection to Nature. You will be able to find these on the facebook page.
Cooperation and team-work are central to GWAWR services vision, so working with others on different events that align with GWAWR services vision is totally on the cards! If you have an idea and think we could collaborate, let’s talk about it!

> B. Low waste event support
Need help to make your event as low waste as possible? let’s talk !

> C. Event Facilitation by GWAWR services
Do you have an event - online or in-person - where you need help to facilitate a conversation, debate or forum on ecological themes? We'd be happy to bring our vision of fostering connection and community, as well as our experience doing so, to your event.


 Physical spaces – Eco-Creation & Transformation of spaces


 Permaculture is a whole-system design process informed by three ethics [Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share] and design principles. We can say that Permaculture focuses on building sustainable environments and can be applied to all aspects of human habitation and society [from land stewardship to education, economics, community governance or ecological buildings ...]. Many projects I’ve worked on focuses on a productive regenerative garden as a starting point, almost as an excuse to then evolve into other domains of application of permaculture [waste, water, community building …]. I believe that working with permaculture helps us realize our place as members of the Earth biodiversity and recreate this connection with the natural world, realizing that  our very existence is dependent on the rest of the web of life.
Added to the two educational projects I currently work on, I’m currently mainly interested in working with individuals on non-commercial sites, small and urban spaces or community projects.

> A . Permaculture - Garden creation or transformation

Option 1: Garden Set Up

In this option, after initial visits of the site, we work together to create a vision of your future space. A permaculture design for your site is then created and I help you establish it over a few months. I believe in working with the people involved and to establish the space with them in order to enable them to become the caretakers of these places.

Option 2: Garden Support
I developed this option after talking to clients that wanted a different type of support. They shared with me that they’ve been working on their site since some time but only needed a little support to keep going.
In this option, I mainly offer you a guiding hand. I visit your site and guide you to transform it, while not being as present on-site as option A. I would be on-site helping you establish your site once per month, while being available via mail and during regular phone sessions in-between each visits, sharing appropriate resources with you and brainstorming with you to help YOU establish your site.

>B. Permaculture Project  [Other]

 If your permaculture projects require something quite different than the options listed above, let’s get in touch and talk about it!

My work is motivated by resilience [aka the ability to recover readily from adversity as humans, communities or ecosystems],and community building. I wish to offer you the support needed for you to become a more resilient caretaker of your site; I do not wish to only create a garden.

>C. ‘Make No Waste’

 ‘Make No Waste’ is one of permaculture’s principles, and has been one of the principles I’ve explored the most during the last few years: from working within the recycling industry for some time, to then being very involved in the local citizen-led ‘zero waste’ movement, you could say that creating physical spaces that create less waste than what we’re currently used to - and that are hence more respectful of nature - and moving toward a circular economy are very dear to my heart.  If your project specifically requires a focus on lessening waste, let’s talk! Depending on the specificities of the project, I might very well be able to help.

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