GWAWR means ‘the dawn’ in welsh – what a perfect metaphor for hope!

For me though, it was also an acronym for ‘Gaia’s Workshop : Agape, Wonder, Radiance’, an acronym that encapsulated the philosophy I wanted to bring through my projects:  to perceive this earth [Gaia, in mythology is the personification of the Earth] as a big Workshop where one learns and creates; and where ideally one would act with love for all [ Agape is the term for Universal Love for the Greeks that had several words for the concept of love], an open-mind [to Wonder is to ask questions], and where we would all express our own Radiance [aka ‘shine our own light’] by following our unique paths and happiness.

I first came up with the name GWAWR when I was making gemstones jewellery and items made from up-cycled materials years ago - but it since had many different incarnations.

GWAWR then became the name I used for the two versions of my blog project .

And finally, it evolved  in this present incarnation through which I hope to create spaces of connection.  GWAWR Services was registered in November 2018 in Mauritius; while the vision crystallized in Glastonbury [the fabled Isle of Avalon] while I was traveling through Europe earlier that year.

 It is an offering in - and a wish  toward – the belief and faith in a future that can be abundant for all. It is an offering toward the belief that humans are only part of Nature’s and Life’s bigger web and can act as considerate guests on this shared planet.

You can read more about GWAWR's vision here.


The human behind GWAWR
Victoria Fauve

Most of you know me as Victoria. Fauve [meaning wild – how perfect for this project] is my middle name.

Since high school – and surely before – I have been asking myself :
'‘Is there another way to do things? Could it be more positive for all involved ? What would that look like ?’'.

I was being sold a certain vision of the world – and of life – that I just didn’t resonate with. I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe we could do things a bit differently, that maybe we could  have a more positive scenario for the environment and the people. I was a dreamer and still am.


The big questions I was running after led me on quite an interesting  journey throughout the years: from taking short art and photography courses to studying a year of social services work at University, from hosting creative workshops in NGOs to working on festival grounds,  from meditation practices and learning about different spiritual and philosophical world-visions throughout the years to travels visiting inspiring eco-projects and sacred sites that fueled my passion for mythology, from creating gemstones jewellery to diving deep in Permaculture through a 18 month-long PDC journey while working on numerous projects focusing on the environment… And more. And not in a particular order.

This path of mine might seem messy – but it always followed the common thread these questions provided.
Through this journey I learnt that we all have unique paths and that trusting and discovering our own is a beautiful journey. I learnt that many solutions to our current crisis are sprouting all over the world, and that while each situation is unique and different,  inspiration is all-around.

I’ve also come to believe that most of us have become disconnected from our-self [or more simply live in a paradigm where taking time to ask questions, to discover one-self and one’s direction in life is not encouraged] and hence from Others and Nature.
And I came to believe that this feeling of connection is what is missing when we try to create a more positive paradigm.
Luckily, I believe all these are connected, and that working on one level could also influence the others.This current incarnation of GWAWR was born out of these beliefs – but as I’m committed to always learning more, I can’t wait to see how it’ll grow, shift and change throughout time.

I'm currently in my birth-country of Mauritius learning how to ground these ideas in reality.
And while I'm the human behind this GWAWR project,   I would have never been able to do it alone, and will  be found working alongside other amazing human beings doing their part to go toward this fair and sustainable paradigm we envision. I truly believe that cooperation is the only way forward. 

If you resonate with the vision I shared here, or have any questions, feel free to reach out  !

I also share more of my personal thoughts and reflections on this human journey while exploring how we could live in harmony with the rest of the web of life on my personal blog here.

Special thank you to the amazing Hannah Jones for the pictures of the Services & About page, as well as many pictures of the Home page.

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