1-to-1 Eco-Support Sessions

While I worked with businesses and projects to become more eco-friendly, I realized that for individuals too it can be hard to change our habits to more eco-friendly ones.

In the last few years, I've had many conversations with people asking how they could live with less waste, where they could find local eco-responsible alternatives to this or that product, or how they could set up a small permaculture garden. Free resources exist, like the citizen initiative Zero Waste Mauritius that I'm happy to contribute to; and I've even created many free resources about these subjects...but sometimes, you just need some specific guidance and mostly someone to be there for you during these transitions.


Changing our life to a more eco-friendly one is not just about shifting a product for another one, it's often about shifting the stories we tell our-selves about the world and widening our horizons and concerns.

I wanted to give more space to these conversations, not just a few minutes here and there between two other work tasks. That's why I created these sessions.


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In these sessions:

> I'll support you in finding the right solutions for your situation, be it in terms of where to find product eco-alternatives that work for you and your situation, or on how to implement processes that facilitate these changes [ this could be from a composting strategy to how to encourage your kids to recycle by setting up a colorful recycling station - the possibilities are endless].
> I'll help you understand more about the current environmental situation and do my best to answer the specific questions you might have, linked to the topics we'll discuss, or refer you to resources that will answer these.
> Most importantly, I'll be there to support you while you implement these changes. Think of it as a friend cheering on you and keeping you accountable while you change your life.

Each session lasts for 1 hour, is usually online, and can be in French, English or Kreole.

2 options:

* 1 session: We get to chat for 1 hour during which I'll do my best to give you as many resources and advises as possible for you to implement these changes in your life. I'll send you a follow-up email with resources to implement these changes. Rs 800.

* Pack of 4 sessions + in-between support: Same as the first option, but I'll help you stay accountable by following-up with you on the changes you implemented. You'll also be able to message me in-between the sessions for urgent questions. You chose the intervals between each session. Rs 3200.


Why work with me?

We all have different backgrounds; mine focuses heavily on community building with a keen interest on the stories that fuel our actions toward the environment. My strength can be found in project support and implementation & Waste reduction is one of my speciality.
To see if we're a good fit to work together, here's some of my background:

> I'm currently studying for a MA in Ecology & Spirituality with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. I've long been interested in how our worldviews affect how we treat our environment, I'm happy to finally be studying it more formally.
> I hold a Certificate III in Community Services Work at Charles Telfair Institute & have worked and volunteered in numerous NGOs. I bring on the skills I've learnt during that time to my group and individual sessions, more specifically in term of active listening and space holding.
> I got my PDC [Permaculture Design Certificate] from the Northern School of Permaculture via the Institute Bon Pasteur, after working alongside Institute Bon Pasteur on numerous projects linked to community building and the establishment of a green-er environmental paradigm throughout 18months. I continue to learn through the caretaking of a family permaculture plot of land called Enn Ti Bwa.
> I have worked on different eco-festivals, as well as in the educational sector and within the recycling industry before launching GWAWR services. You can also see some of the projects I implemented through GWAWR services, here.
> I've recently co-launched The Good Shop Repair; which, under The Good Shop, wants to revive the local repair economy, while creating local jobs and reducing waste.
> In my non-work life, I am involved in environmental activism through different groups, including the citizen group 'Zero Waste Mauritius' of which I am one of the coordinators.

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