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Victoria Fauve GWAWR

GWAWR services was born of a belief that connection to Nature is deeply important, and wishes to create spaces and experiences that facilitate this connection.

These spaces can be physical spaces or spaces in time [aka moments we set aside, like events or workshops].

GWAWR services is the concentrate of my journey as I curiously pursue what living in harmony with the world around us could look like. Permaculture ethics and principles infuse my work, as does a focus on how our worldviews shape our interaction with the outside world.

I believe that our wellbeing is linked to the wellbeing of the earth, but that furthermore it is only right to tread harmoniously on the earth, no matter what it brings or not to us: that clean water, pure air and healthy soils are everyone's birthrights & that we share this planet with other beings that are also worth
y of respect.

You can learn more about my journey and background, here.

Our services
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I love supporting eco-ideas to come true: be it by helping you implement a new project or supporting you in making your current project greener. This can also be about transforming a specific place through permaculture or reducing waste on a specific location or project.
See the full list of services offered  here & let's chat about your specific case!



Sometimes you just need someone to walk with you through transitions.These online 1-to-1 sessions are designed to support you while you implement eco-changes in your life. Learn more about these here.

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Through GWAWR services was carried the wish to create small pockets of time in our daily life  that would foster this feeling of re-connection to the natural world. Workshops and Events, for kids or adults, are created in that sense.
See the full list here.

Throughout GWAWR services work is woven the belief in a more regenerative, and positive-and-fair-for-all world.
Permaculture's Ethics of Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share, as well as its principles, are infused in this work. So is the belief that we can all be storytellers of more positive global stories.



Permaculture is a creative design process before all: it will become adapted to the need of the project.  We can say that Permaculture focuses on building sustainable environments and can be applied to all aspects of human habitation [from agriculture to education, economics or ecological building ...].

Learn more about GWAWR's vision here.



I believe that our worldviews and the stories we tell ourselves about the world we live in have a big impact on how we live our lives and treat our environment. I believe we can find narratives for our life that are respectful of the bigger web of life, while also respecting the diversity of narratives that exists.

Learn more about GWAWR's vision here.



Sometimes all that is needed is the right container for ideas to come forth; a safe space dedicated to exploring in group a certain topic that we’d otherwise put aside, or someone supporting you to birth an idea you believe in.

Learn more about GWAWR's vision here.