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GWAWR services was born of a belief that connection to Nature is deeply important, and wishes to create spaces and experiences that facilitate this connection through a variety of mediums. These spaces can be physical spaces, spaces in time [aka events or workshops], or spaces harder to define like the ones that art and literature can create in our life.

Permaculture, storytelling and the notion of 'holding space' infuse all this work.

Our services


Be it through the creation or transformation of an existing place through permaculture, or the wish to lessen waste on a specific project; physical spaces can be  respectful of the world surrounding us and enhance this feeling of connection to the natural world.
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Through GWAWR services was carried the wish to create small pockets of time in our daily life  that would foster this feeling of re-connection to the natural world.
Workshops and Events are created in that sense.
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A few storytelling projects are being worked on in the background to bring forward  positive stories & initiatives, hence creating these particular spaces of connection to Nature that Art & literature have the power to create.
More will be shared in the months to come.


Throughout GWAWR services work is woven the belief in a more sustainable [& even regenerative]  and positive-and-just-for-all world.
Permaculture's Ethics of Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share, as well as its principles, are infused in this work. So is the belief that we can all be storytellers of more positive global stories. Is also held dear the act of holding space: for these new positives-initiatives to emerge or for each others in time of crisis.

Permaculture is a creative design process before all; and will become adapted to the need of the project.  We can say that Permaculture focuses on building sustainable environments and can be applied to all aspects of human habitation [ from agriculture to  education, economics or ecological building ...].

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Be it from hosting conversations on a range of different topics related to the environment, to the creation of more artistic pieces through the uses of different mediums, what I named ‘Storytelling’ here can take many forms; and be quite different from what Storytelling could traditionally mean -  but carry the core wish to offer more positive narratives.

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Sometimes all that is needed is the right container for ideas to come forth; be it a safe space dedicated to exploring in group a certain topic that we’d otherwise put aside, or someone supporting you to birth an idea you believe in.

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